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Welcome to Dremix.

We are a company with a long tradition and extensive experience
We offer beautiful custom furniture.


Our offer includes:

  • furniture on dimension
  • processing of furniture
  • commodes
  • wood components for procurement
  • kitchens
  • wardrobes
  • fronts
  • tops
  • wall units
  • buildings
  • processing of every wood components
  • storage spaces
  • furniture according to customer design
  • kitchen furniture according to customer design
  • processing at the customer
  • montage
  • doors
  • sliding doors

We strongly invite you to view our gallery. There you will find much photos
with our realizations.

In our offer you will find also:
a kitchen bar unit, office buildings, commercial buildings ...

We serve clients from the entire Polish And Europe.

We provide free furniture measurements !

Electrifying impression - gratis !

Yours adviser:
                           RafaƂ Wiatr, phone:  +48 505 004 000 - Poland, Katowice

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